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Independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England releases interim report

The Independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England has released the interim report, A new settlement for health and social care (PDF 830kb). In the report, “the commission explains why it believes England needs a single health and social care system, with a ring-fenced, singly commissioned budget, and more closely aligned entitlements.”

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House of Commons committee releases report on programmes to assist families facing multiple challenges

The House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts has published the report, Programmes to help families facing multiple challenges (PDF 1.3mb). The report made reccommendations in relation to two government programmes, the Troubled Families programme  and the Families with Mutiple Problems Programme.

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New UK report on survey results on provision of mental health services at women’s centres released

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy has published the report, Mental health provision in women’s community services : findings from a survey conducted in England and Wales (PDF 2.8mb). The srudy, “ aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the current provision of mental health interventions within women’s community services in order to identify any areas for development in services, and to increase awareness of the needs of women who access these services. An additional aim of the study was to explore the extent to which existing mental health provision within services is evaluated, as previous research has highlighted limited investment in outcome measurement systems within women’s community services.”

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New report examines older women’s and homelessness in Australia

The Mercy Foundation has released a report entitled, Older women’s pathways out of homelessness in Australia (PDF 470kb). The report, authored by researhers from theInstitute for Social Science Research at the University of Queensland, “examines service responses and innovative models tailored for older women who have experienced homelessness.”

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Article reports on US progress toward government digital strategy

The article, VanRoekel sees progress on government’s digital strategy, is an interview with the Chief Information Officer of the United States, Steven VanRoekel about progress toward the government digital strategy. The article also contains a link to the results of the Digital Government Study 2014 (PDF 2.1mb) produced by Fedscoop which, “assessed attitudes and challenges around a digital government” and examined “what can be done to help agencies get to the next level in implementing it.”

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Institute of Child Protection Studies releases report on supporting homeless fathers

The Institute of Child Protection Studies has released the fifth publication in the Research to practices series. Entitled, Supporting fathers who are homeless, (PDF 940kb) the paper, discusses issues faced by homeless fathers in Australia and the implications for service delivery.

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Canadian government launches Digital Canada 150

The Canadian government has launched the Digital Canada 150 strategy which “represents a comprehensive approach to ensuring Canada can take full advantage of the opportunities of the digital age.” Digital government is one of the five pillars in the strategy

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British Columbia releases response to digital services consultation

The British Columbia Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services has published the Digital Services Consultation. Fall 2013. Minister’s response (PDF 340kb). The report, “summarizes the findings of the consultation process and describes the government’s response.”

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UK report examines scale and standardisation in relation to public services

A report, Saving money by doing the right thing : why “local by default” must replace ” diseconomies of scale” (PDF 2.8mb) has been published by UK organisation. Locality. The report, “reveals the potential to save around £16 billion by making public service deliver ‘local by default’ and challenging false economies of scale.”

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