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Beta.Australia.gov.au released

The Australian Government Chief Technology Officer (AGCTO) blogpost, beta.australia.gov.au goes live, discusses the recent launch of the next phase of Australia.gov.au.

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Australian Privacy Commissioner speech on the role of information security in privacy protection

The Australian Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, recently gave the presentation, The importance of information security in protecting privacy, to the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) conference.

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OAIC publishes Document Verification Service report

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has published the report, Document Verification Service : privacy assessment of DHS as an issuer agency (PDF 310kb). “The purpose of the assessment was to determine whether DHS maintains DVS related personal information records in accordance with selected APPs referred to in s 14 and contained in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act. Specifically, the assessment considered the issues of security and collection of solicited personal information by DHS, in its role as a DVS issuer agency regarding Medicare cards.”

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ACCAN publishes report on mobile apps

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has published the report, Mobile app consumer attitudes and experiences. A marketing research report (PDF 1.2MB). The report, “explores user sentiment towards paying for features and services and data privacy in the app ecosystem” and was undertaken by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS),

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The Stronger Families in Australia research report published

The Australian Insistute of Family Studies (AIFS) have released the research report, The Stronger Families in Australia (SFIA) Study : Phase 2 (PDF 1.7MB). The report, “presents the results of Phase 2 of the Stronger Families in Australia (SFIA) study, an evaluation of the Communities for Children (CfC) initiative. The focus is on examining the effects of the initiative on child, family and community outcomes.”

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UK government releases Universal Credit evaluation report

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have published the research report, Universal Credit pathfinder evaluation (PDF 350kb). “The Pathfinder Evaluation aimed to examine UC as delivered in the Pathfinder to assess what was working well, what needed to improve and to collect early evidence on whether policy intent was being met (rather than a complete assessment of outcomes from UC or its impact). Its overarching objective was to provide timely and operationally relevant evidence to support the continual improvement of Pathfinder and the further roll out of UC, and as such it was carried out during the very early stages of UC delivery.” A Research summary report of the Universal Credit Pathfinder Evaluation  (PDF 85kb) is also available.

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UK government releases mental health services plan

The UK government has released the document, Achieving better access to mental health services by 2020 (PDF 1.7MB). The plan provides a blueprint for the delivery of mental health services for the next five years.

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CSW Roundtable discussion on Big Data

A summary of the recent Civil Service World (CSW) Roundtable on Big Data for is discussed in the article, Roundtable : the big debata.

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New Zealand Producitivity Inquiry releases social security issues paper

The New Zealand Productivity Commission has released the issues paper, More effective social services (PDF 706kb) as part of the New Zealand Productivity Commission Inquiry into More Effective Social Services. “The Commission has been asked to look at ways to improve how government agencies commission and purchase social services. This will include how agencies identify the needs of people who use the services, how they choose organisations to provide the services, and how the contracts between agencies and organisations work.”

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