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Australian Green paper on public sector mutuals

A report entitled, Public service mutuals : the case for a third-way for delivering public services in Australia (PDF 2.7mb) was released in June 2014.  The report, “has been prepared by the Net Balance Research Institute for the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals and the Australian Public Service Mutual Task Force” and “… has been prepared to stimulate discussion and inform new policy and social innovation on the role of cooperatives and mutuals in delivering public services for Australians.”

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World Economic Forum develops a framework for sustainable social security systems

The World Economic Forum has released the second edition of the report, A framework for sustainable security systems (PDF 6MB). The report includes articles which elaborate on the eight points included in the framework. It includes an article entitled, The role of information and communication technologies, written by Ali M. Al-Khouri, Director-General, Emirates Identity Authority and Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, Secretary-General, International Social Security Association.

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UK thinktank releases evaluation report of the Cabinet Office Commissioning Academy

UK thinktank, LGIU has released an evaluation report of the Cabinet Office Commissioning Academy. The report, entitled, Commissioning Academy (PDF 940kb). “The ultimate purpose of the Cabinet Office Commissioning Academy is to improve public service outcomes, while reducing cost, through better commissioning. LGiU was commissioned by the Cabinet Office to assess the impact of the programme so far. The evaluation is intended to show the changes taking place in organisations and in service delivery as a result of the Academy.”

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OAIC releases personally controlled electronic health record audit report

The Office of the Australian Information Commisisoner (OAIC) has released the report, Personally controlled electronic health record (eHealth record) system (PDF 710kb). The purpose of the audit was, “to assess whether the System Operator’s policies and procedures provide a documentary framework to allow it to maintain personal information in accordance with its obligations under Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) 1 to 3.”

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UK government launches new child maintenance system

The press release, New child maintenance system fit for the 21st century starts today, issued by the Child Maintenance Minister, Steve Webb and the Department for Work and Pensions, outlines the features of the new online system.

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UK report examines the development of Women’s Community Services

The report, , Imagining penal policy for women : the case for Women’s Community Services (PDF 415kb), has been published by the Howard League for Penal Reform. The working paper found that although the, “services undoubtedly provide support and practical help to women with complex needs that cannot be found in mainstream mixed gendered services”,  there was also the need to be, “wary of the criminal justice system becoming the only route for women with complex needs to access such support.”

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New book examines”pay for performance” in healthcare

A new book to be published by Open University Press in September this year entitled, Paying for performance in health care : implications for health system performance and accountability, “utilises a substantial set of case studies from 12 OECD countries to shed light on P4P programs in practice.” “The book explores the many questions surrounding P4P such as whether the potential power of P4P has been over-sold, or whether the disappointing results to date are more likely rooted in problems of design and implementation or inadequate monitoring and evaluation. The book also examines the supporting systems and process, in addition to incentives, that are necessary for P4P to improve provider performance and to drive and sustain improvement.” Further information about this book is available from the publisher’s website.

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Independent evaluation of the Social Work Practice with Adults (SWPwA) pilots released

The Social Care Workforce Research Unit at King’s College London has released the report, Evaluation of the Social Work Practices with Adults Pilots. Final report (PDF 2.5MB). “SWPwAs can be defined as organisations independent of local authorities that are contracted to carry out functions that were previously the duty of local authorities in supporting community dwelling adults potentially or actually defined as in need of social care and support, especially in regards to assessment, care planning and reviews.”

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AIHW releases Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisation online services report

The Australian Insitute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has released the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisation online services report : key results 2012-2013 (PDF 2.7mb). “This fifth national report provides an overview of 260 Australian Government-funded organisations that aim to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It presents findings from the 2012–13 data collection on health services and activities provided, clients seen, staffing levels and challenges faced by these organisations.”

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