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UK updates government adult autism strategy

The United Kingdom Department of Health has released a report entitled, Think Autism: Fulfilling and rewarding lives, the strategy for adults with autism in England: an update (PDF 430 KB). “‘Think Autism’ has a new focus on building communities that are more aware of and accessible to the needs of people with autism. It also looks at promoting innovative local ideas, services or projects that can help people in their communities and how advice and information on services can be better joined up.”

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UK report uses data and technology to improve health outcomes

The United Kingdom National Information Board and the Department of Health have released a report entitled, Personalised health and care 2020: a framework for action (PDF 1.20 MB), which claims “Better use of data and technology has the power to improve health, transforming the quality and reducing the cost of health and care services. It can give patients and citizens more control over their health and wellbeing, empower carers, reduce the administrative burden for care professionals, and support the development of new medicines and treatments.” A press release entitled, Major new report on digital technology, released by the Department of Health, The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, and National Information Board discusses this report.

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International report aims to break barriers to people with disabilities using ICT

The International Telecommunication Union has published a report entitled, Model ICT accessibility policy report (PDF 2.60 MB). “ICT accessibility means removing barriers so that persons with disabilities can use ICTs … This Model ICT accessibility policy report is designed as a tool for national policy-makers and regulators to create their own ICT accessibility policy frameworks. It includes six modules focusing on different aspects of ICT accessibility (amendments to the existing ICT legal framework, public ICT access, mobile communications, television/video programming and public procurement of accessible ICTs) so that countries can prioritize implementation.”

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Australian report on costings for disability services

The National Disability Services has released a report entitled, A National Costing & Pricing Framework for Disability Services (PDF 270 KB). “The move to individualised funding, which the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is accelerating, is a major shift from the block funding of disability services. In this environment, more than ever, providers need to understand their individual service costs so that they can plan effectively. The National Costing and Pricing Framework for Disability Services sets out an approach that is  consistent with management accounting processes in the broader economy. It provides a set of principles and definitions that can be applied to achieve a mature and structured approach to costing and pricing practice.”

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Australian paper strengthening mental health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

The Closing the Gap Clearinghouse has produced Issues paper No. 12 entitled, Effective strategies to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (PDF 1025 KB). “This paper explores the central question of ‘what are culturally appropriate mental health and social and emotional wellbeing programs and services for Indigenous people, and how are these best delivered?’. It identifies Indigenous perspectives of what is required for service provision and program delivery that align with Indigenous beliefs, values, needs and priorities. It explores the evidence and consensus around the principles of best practice in Indigenous mental health programs and services. It discusses these principles of best practice with examples of programs and research that show how these values and perspectives can be achieved in program design and delivery.”

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AIHW releases Mental health services in brief report

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has released the Mental health services in brief 2014 (PDF 2.1 MB) report. The report, “provides an overview of data about the national response of the health and welfare system to the mental health care needs of Australians.”

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UK statistics on fraud and error in the benefit system released

The United Kingdom Department for Work and Pensions has released documents on Fraud and error in the benefit system: 2013 to 2014 estimates. These document include a final estimates first release, Supplementary tables and charts,  Background information and methodology, an Infographic and Infobites. These publications “estimates fraud and error levels in the benefit system in Great Britain for the financial year 2013 to 2014.”

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Australian article claims Victorian election could be digital battleground

David Swan has written an article published in the Business Spectator, entitled, Victorian election set to be digital battleground. “The ACS (Australian Computer Society) has highlighted five core areas requiring reform and which will support the sustained growth of Victoria’s Digital Economy: Quality Advice to Government, Support for Digital Skills, Improve Digital Literacy, Better Data on the Digital Economy, and Open Data. “The ACS believes that if these five key issues are not addressed as priorities, there is a real danger that the digital economy will suffer, and the health of the entire Victorian economy along with it,” said Ms Beveridge.”

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Canadian article on digital government

Toby Fyfe has written an article published in Canadian Government Executive and entitled, Digital government: start with the data, in which he interviews Andrea Di Maio, Managing Vice President for Public Sector in Gartner Research. “E-government puts its emphasis on services, looking at what services are delivered to citizens or enterprises and how to merge those services in a way that makes them more natural and easy for citizens or enterprises. In digital government, the emphasis is no longer on service but is on data and information.”

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