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UK report on person centred care

National Voices has released a report entitled, Person centred care 2020: calls and contributions from health and social care charities (PDF 935kb).  “The national charity coalition National Voices and its members – some 140 of England’s leading national health and social care charities – want the health and care systems in England, led by government, to set an urgent ambition to achieve genuinely person centred care by 2020. This would improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of people, and make care systems more sustainable. This document sets out calls for action, based on sound evidence, and highlights the crucial contributions that our sector – the voluntary and community sector (VCS) – can make, with the right support.”

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UK report released on personalised budgets

NHS England has published a report entitled, Getting serious about personalisation in the NHS (PDF 1.40mb).  “Alongside the reshaping of services, supporting self-management and personal care and support planning, personal budgets help meet the challenge of changing expectations of care while promoting better quality of life and value for money. The objective is that in future people should expect the same focus on their independence, the same regard for their wishes and the same opportunities to make choices and take control, whether they have a long term condition or a social care need, a mental health problem or a learning disability.” This report has a summary and complements the Integrated Personal Commissioning Prospectus.

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The final report of the Independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England released

The King’s Fund has published the final report of the Independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England entitled, A new settlement for health and social care: final report (PDF 540kb).  “The interim report argued that England needs to move towards a single, ring-fenced budget for health and social care that is singly commissioned and within which entitlements are more closely aligned. The report also outlined a wide range of options for funding a new settlement, including charges for health care, cuts in other areas of public spending and higher taxation. This final report sets out its recommendations on these hard choices, drawing on evidence received from stakeholders, further research and analysis, and deliberation among the commissioners. Under its recommendations, entitlements to social care would be fairer, more consistent and more generous, while entitlements to health care would be unchanged.”  The Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England has its own webpage.

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UK report discusses social action and public services

The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (Nesta) has published a report entitled, People helping people: the future of public services (PDF 1.4mb). “This report examines how public services can become more open and engage citizens more actively. It calls for public services to think more creatively about how they can collaborate with the public to make better use of the energy and enthusiasm that people can and want to offer. It explores the challenges that public services face in mobilising resources that are by nature voluntary and cannot be mandated. It shows how doing this creates shared value and suggests steps that public services can take in order to reorient themselves towards mobilising people. At the end of the report, we include ten case studies, showing how public services are improving and being transformed by engaging people with what they do.”

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UK report investigates charities tackling poverty

The Centre for Social Justice has released a report entitled, Social solutions: enabling grass-roots charities to tackle poverty (PDF 1.25mb).  “This report, Social Solutions, sets a new course for the future of the social sector. We argue that there is a much greater role the sector can take in our public services. Unleashing this potential means looking at encouraging more sensitive commissioning, as well as removing some of the regulatory barriers which prevent smaller organisations taking part.”

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UK report investigates welfare sanctions

Joseph Rowntree Foundation has released a summary report entitled, Welfare sanctions and conditionality in the UK (PDF 300kb).  “This paper examines the efficacy and ethicality of conditional forms of welfare. It considers existing evidence about how effective welfare conditionality is at achieving and sustaining desired forms of behavioural change; what the impacts are; how different groups fare; and to what extent welfare conditionality can be morally justified.”

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Latest issue of Commonwealth Innovations Review released

The Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) has published the latest edition of the Commonwealth Innovations Review, Volume 20, Number 2, September 2014, (PDF 1.1mb).   This publication contains articles on Public sector reform, what areas can be reformed at low cost, the expected role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore’s restructured economy and evaluate whether existing policies and processes are facilitating this transition effectively, and how to motivate staff during the uncertainty of reform in the public sector.

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US report on Customer-Centred Government

Accenture has released a report entitled, Serving citizens: strategies for customer-centered government in the digital age (PDF 1.25mb). “In this report, the Partnership for Public Service and Accenture highlight lessons learned from federal initiatives that have simplified and streamlined the process of interacting with the government by implementing a customer-centered approach to digital services.”

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Australian report addresses policies relating to an ageing society

Per Capita Australia has released a report entitled, Blueprint for an Ageing Australia (PDF 500kb).  “This document—Blueprint for an Ageing Australia—is built around that idea that living longer is a good thing, that the rising average age of our population is a vindication of advances in science and health policy, and that the best way to approach it is to look for ways that older Australians can participate more effectively in our society and our economy to the best of their abilities.” The resource addresses seven policy areas:  business opportunities; mature-age employment; philanthropy; enabling environments;  retirement incomes; technology and wellbeing.

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